10 things your child needs to know for Halloween

While little monsters are gearing up for their big night out in costume, here are 10 safety tips to ensure they get home hassle-free after trick-or-treating. There’s certainly nothing to fear from vampires and witches, but the risk of your child getting burned, injured or lost is real.

1. Princesses don’t wear dresses that long

Your child’s costume should be short enough to prevent falls, and their mask shouldn’t block their view.


2. The invisible man doesn’t wear all black
Ideally, your child’s costume should be a light shade and have reflective surfaces. Little reflective strips work like magic in the dark!

3. I’m coming with you, but I’ll let you have all the candy (maybe…)
We trust you to determine the age when your child is ready to go trick-or-treating without an adult. The decision depends on your neighbourhood and the maturity of your not-so-little one.


4. Don’t leave without your treasure map

Here’s your route map. The Xs mark the homes of parents or other trustworthy people whom you can ask for help if needed. 

5. Strength in numbers

Travel in groups of four or five. After all, aren’t superheroes like the Avengers more powerful as a group? If you’re from different households, maintain a safe distance and wear masks when that is not possible.

6. The roads don’t close for Halloween 

Walk on the sidewalk and look both ways before crossing the road.

7. No light? No way!

Only visit houses that have their porch light on.


8. Thanks for the candy, but no thanks…

Never enter a stranger’s home. Your mission is to politely accept candy and move on to the next house.


9. Lumos Maxima   

Can you make light appear like Harry Potter? Not yet? Then don’t forget your flashlight.


10. “Get back home!”

If you aren’t back before (specific time), I’ll turn you into a pumpkin! And it’s really no fun being a pumpkin – they have to sit on a chair for hours and aren’t allowed to move around or talk.


And last but not least, to prevent potential risks and make sure their treats are trick-free, always inspect your child’s candy before they dig in. “I’m just going to look at them, I promise!”

We hope you have a memorable Halloween!

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