First aid for the big game

Guest post by Nita Singh-Quigley, coordinator of marketing and promotion for first aid, and football fan

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and we’re alerting you to some potential emergency situations that may require first aid during the game.


Your friend is at your house to watch the game, and he’s just taken a large spoonful of chili when the quarterback throws an interception. He begins to cough, then stops and grabs his throat. How to help: administer five firm back blows (between the shoulder blades) and five abdominal thrusts until the food becomes dislodged and he starts breathing or coughing again.

Muscle strain 

You’ve decided to perform an elaborate touchdown dance each time your team scores. Without warming up or stretching, you attempt the dance and immediately feel a sharp pain in your hamstring. To treat the strain, rest, elevate your leg and apply ice in 20-minute periods.


While taking a platter of nachos out of the oven, sudden cheering erupts from the living room, startling you and causing you to burn your hand. The affected skin is red, painful and swollen. Treat the burn by cooling it with water for 10-20 minutes. Apply the appropriate topical antibiotic afterwards if necessary.


It’s nearing the end of the fourth quarter and it looks like your friend’s team is going to lose. His breathing speeds up rapidly and he begins to hyperventilate. First aid: monitor his vital signs, help regulate his breathing and offer comfort and reassurance (Better luck next season?)

Every football fan knows to keep a fully stocked first aid kit on hand – you never know when you might need it. Regardless of which team you’re cheering on – stay safe and enjoy the game!

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