First aid makes a difference in the workplace and at home

Guest post by Lyle Karasiuk, Canadian Red Cross volunteer and paramedic with Parkland Ambulance Care, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
First aid makes a difference in the workplace and at.pdf;As a paramedic, I recently responded to a call in a local store for a female who may have been having a seizure. When I entered the store, staff greeted me at the door and guided me several aisles down to a female lying on her side on the floor. Store staff had already redirected customers away from the scene while another staff member was down by the injured woman’s side, keeping her calm. A short time later, another staff member returned with a family member for the injured woman.
Most of these store employees had taken first aid and, when a customer told them of the emergency, they sprang into action. First aid gives employees the knowledge but, more importantly, the confidence to respond to an emergency. It gives them the knowledge of what to do and what not to do when an emergency happens. Being able to respond quickly gives customers and colleagues the confidence that, in an emergency, someone trained will be there to help. Should the worst happen, such as a sudden cardiac arrest, first aid trained staff will be able to start vital CPR compressions and, if available, know how to use an AED.
Being there to help and knowing what to do can make the difference. as an added benefit, learning first aid also gives you the skills to help others in your community or possibly your own family at home.
These employees did all the right things because of the skills they learned during first aid training.
Find a first aid course near you and register today.
Did you know there is a Red Cross first aid app? This great reference tool is like having a first aid manual or coach right at your finger tips. The app is great to have when minor emergencies turn into big emergencies but also step-by-step instructions to aid you in helping someone else.

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