Food Friday – Foods that can quench your thirst

*Every Friday is all about food on Red Cross Talks – everything from Red Cross inspired recipes to emergency food tips and solutions. This week we are  publishing this blog a day early because of the long weekend.

The Canada Day long weekend is finally here and many people will be heading outside for some fun in the sun. Whether you are building a sand castle at the beach, playing Frisbee in a park, or lounging by a lake at a cottage, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated.

A refillable water bottle is a summer must-have so you can sip water on-the-go. But, you might also consider stocking up your beach bag, picnic basket or cooler with some of these foods that can also help you stay hydrated:

Food Friday a€“ Foods that can quench your thirstWatermelon – this one is obvious just by its name. Watermelon is 92 per cent water. It also contains 12 grams of carbs per cup to help your body absorb the water, as well as 173 milligrams of potassium that works with sodium to help you stay hydrated.

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Popsicles – who didn’t love popsicles when they were a kid? Now you have an excuse to love them as a grown-up.  A popsicle will refill your fluids, cool you down, and the carbs will give you energy.



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Garden salad– make a salad with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. They all contain lots of water plus essential vitamins and minerals to keep you hydrated. 

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Celery – if you can’t reach for a glass of water, try to munch on a stalk of celery. Celery is made up of 96 per cent H2O, and research has shown that it may hydrate your body twice as effectively as water.

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 Yogurt– this one might have you scratching your head, but yogurt contains a substantial amount of potassium and sodium which can replace electrolytes your body loses when it becomes dehydrated. 

There are more foods that can help keep you cool and safe this summer. Learn more about them here.

Also, check out these signs and symptoms of dehydration and important tips on how to beat the heat.

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