How Canadians have benefitted from taking Psychological First Aid

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By Shaylyn MacAulay

For many, these last few months have tested us like we’ve never been tested before. Between social distancing and isolation, working from home, caring for children and relentless Zoom calls (I could go on), we have all felt the intense pressure of this pandemic. For a lot of us this pandemic has changed how we experience day-to-day stress.


Signs from the psychological first aid courseAmidst the chaos, people from across the country have been using our online Psychological First Aid courses to help find balance for themselves and better support those around them.


Here’s how Canadians have put the Psychological First Aid courses to work for them: 


Learn to take care of yourself first

With added burdens present in our daily lives, self-care is often put on the backburner. However, to really show up for the people around us we first need to show up for ourselves. The Self-Care course teaches us how to recognize different types of stress in our lives and provides strategies   to identify the supports around us to promote mental wellbeing when those stressors are getting to be too much. You’ll develop a self-care plan and come away with practical tips on how to build resiliency in yourself.  
“Accessing my self-care plan helped me to feel more in control of my emotions, establish healthy boundaries and focus on filling my own well while being supportive to my friend.” – Melanie MacDonald
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Gain confidence in supporting others

Have you ever found yourself wondering what to say to someone during a crisis? Well, you’re not alone. The Caring for Others course explores the Look, Link, Listen and Live approach, helping you to: 

  • recognize various stressors;
  • learn to listen actively;
  • link people to appropriate supports; and
  • build resiliency in yourself so you can bounce forward quicker

“Taking psychological first aid training as a Red Cross volunteer reinforced a lot of familiar ideas about being a calm presence and a good listener to people in need.” – Erin Ellis
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Help reduce stigma 

Stigma around mental health is often a barrier to accessing support and for some it can even lead to ignoring signs of crisis. Both the Self-Care and Caring for Others courses focus on reducing stigma and encouraging healthy conversations through community building, self-care strategies and promoting conversations about wellness. 
“While I still don’t feel 100% okay, I at least know that it is okay to not feel okay; at least heading in the right direction thanks to the Canadian Red Cross.” – Jamie

Prepare your workforce 

Companies like K+S Potash Canada know that mental wellness is just as important as physical wellbeing, which led them to offer Psychological First Aid courses to groups of their employees. The Self-Care and Caring for Others courses prepare non-mental health professionals to care for themselves and respond to others experiencing psychological distress.
“It has helped our team pay close attention to our psychological health, before and after emergency callouts, both in themselves and their team members.” – Scott Gibney, K+S Potash Canada 
Even as things start to inch towards the “new normal” we will all face unique challenges and new stresses. You can take steps now to learn how to promote mental wellbeing for yourself and those around you. 

The online Psychological First Aid courses are available and can be completed at your own pace on our user-friendly platform. Each course is available for only $20 CAD. Register today.


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