In video: Talking about mental health and first aid

On January 26, the Canadian Red Cross announced that we will be integrating mental health into first aid programs. This announcement was part of the #BellLetsTalk initiative, and the programs are being developed thanks to the generous support of Bell Canada.

We took a moment to talk to some mental health advocates about the importance of integrating mental health into first aid.

RCMP Cst. Peter Neily was diagnosed with PTSD following a traumatic event in 2011. He sought treatment and is now a mental health advocate. Cst. Neily told us about his experiences with mental health, being a mental health advocate and the importance of first aid for mental health.

A good knowledge of first aid has been incredibly important for singer/songwriter Séan McCann. A founding member of the band Great Big Sea, Séan talked to us about first aid, mental health, and the need to break down the stigmas around mental health.

Mary Deacon is the chair of #BellLetsTalk. Following the announcement, Mary took a moment tell us about the importance of stopping the stigma around mental health and how programs like the ones the Canadian Red Cross are now developing will help.


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