Smart packing tips for March break

Guest post by Carolyn Tees, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Prevention and Safety
Carolyn and her son at the beachNot sure how March break came around so fast this year. It was just February and the polar vortex aka “Canadian Winter” engulfed most of the country. Yet here it is finally – the time of year I look most forward to – when I escape the grey of Canada and go south with my family. 
To help me focus on packing I had to make a list so I didn’t forget anything.
There’s the easy stuff – shorts, swimsuits, t-shirts, sunscreen. But how many pairs of flip flops is too many?
A few items I always pack to ensure my vacation is an enjoyable one:

  • Rash guards (sun shirts) This may be obvious, but wearing a sun shirt is important for kids and adults. You get to wear less sunscreen and it’s the best apparel for snorkeling when your back is to the sun.

  • Bandages and antibiotic ointment Waterproof bandages are ideal as you will likely be in the water several times a day. Bandages are not just for cuts and scrapes – I once needed these when my son got severe road rash running down a hill. 

  • Rubbing alcohol Great for cleaning wounds. I used this when my husband got a scrape from coral swimming after saw a very elusive little octopus.

  • Anti-nauseant When boating, the waves and current undulate even when the boat is anchored. Even those with their “sea legs” can find the rolling waves cause nausea which can spoil the fun.

My first aid training is up to date, and I always travel with my phone. The Red Cross First Aid App puts the simple steps for first aid care at my fingertips so never leave home without it.
Happy March break!
Find more tips to help you stay safe while enjoying a beach vacation. 

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