Teaching CPR with a Twitter twist

Teaching CPR with a Twitter twistThe Red Cross Talks team is hosting two FREE CPR Tweetups tomorrow in Toronto and Hamilton, and we are inviting our Twitter friends to join us!

Non-Twitter users might be wondering “what’s a Tweetup?” It’s when twits (Twitter users) get together IRL (in real life).  November is CPR awareness month. With 70 per cent of cardiac arrests happening at home, taking a CPR course is a simple action that could help save a loved one’s life. We thought there would be no better way to show how easy it is to learn CPR than getting together with our tweeps (Twitter friends) and tweeting about our experience. Participants will receive their CPR certification.

We held our first Tweetup last year in Toronto for the launch of the Pictures Talk photo exhibition, and it was a great success.

Check out the links below to find out more info, or to reserve a spot:

Toronto event: http://twtvite.com/CPR_TO

Hamilton event: http://twtvite.com/CPR_ham

Non-Twitter users are also welcome to attend!

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